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Instructions for ebooks

If you do not have an ebook reading device, or if you prefer to read ebooks on your computer, you have two choices. You can buy a pdf for your computer screen, or you can buy an epub and download a free epub reader from Adobe Digital Editions at:

Epub files also work for most devices except Kindle, which uses Mobi files. If you do not have a reading device, many readers such as Kobo and Kindle have apps which you can either buy or download for free. If you have a Mac, iPad, or iPhone, simply check the app store to find dozens of free readers.


You will need iTunes on your computer for the transfer of outside epubs to many devices or apps (such as a Kobo or Stanza app).

If you just wish to put the file in an iBooks application, simply drag it there. In iBooks, you may choose your “books” collection or your “pdf” collection. Then you may sync to your devices.

To add a file to your iPad or iPhone (but not to iBooks):

The function that allows you to transfer files to other readers is called “File Sharing.” You can find Apple’s instruction page here:

Here is a short summary:

-There should be a list or menu called “Devices” on the side or top of your iTunes window.

-Choose the Device you wish to transfer a file to. If your device is not appearing, be sure it is turned on and open.

-Click on the “Apps” menu item now in your iTunes window. This should allow you to see the “File Sharing” panel.

-File Sharing shows icons of the ereader apps which can accept outside files (such as Kobo and Stanza. Nook apparently does not accept outside files this way. See below). Click on the ereader you want.

-Drag your file into the “Documents” panel. If it does not appear, click on the “Add” button on the panel, and choose your file from the window that appears.

-When your file has finished loading, you may hit the “sync” button to transfer it to your device.


Go to this address and download the “Send to Kindle” application from Amazon:  (for Macs)    (for PCS)

Install the application as per the instructions. During the installation, you will be asked to supply the email address and password you normally use for Amazon.

There are several ways to use this application, but the easiest is to click on its icon, which opens a “drag and drop” window for you. Drag the mobi file there and a further window will open, listing all the Kindle apps and devices Amazon is aware of that are yours, and also your archived Amazon library. Check a box for each app or device you want the file transferred to. I recommend checking the archive box also, so if your copy gets lost or damaged you can download it again easily.

Done this way, you will be able to get the books to sync with each other from one device to the next. Done another way, they may not sync.


you can also find instructions here:

or here:

You may transfer epubs to Nook and its app from the “My Digital Editions” folder in the Adobe Digital Editions free ereader I mentioned at the top of this post.

As I understand it, the trick to Nook is that books NOT from Barnes and Noble have to be stored under “My Library” in the “My Documents” section, NOT the “My Library” under “My B&N Library” section.

IF YOU DO NOT HAVE A COMPUTER, but do have an Apple iPhone or iPad:

We suggest you download to your iPhone or iPad using the FREE “idownloads plus” app from the App Store.

Our downloading service will send you an email on which you click “view your purchase online.” You will be taken to a page with a download button. DO NOT PRESS THE DOWNLOAD BUTTON AT THIS TIME. Instead, copy the web address that’s in your browser window. You do this by tapping the window twice, and touching the “copy” button that then appears. Then close the browser and open your idownloads app. Choose “Browser” from the menu. In that browser window, paste the address you copied by tapping the window twice and then tapping the “paste” button that appears.

IF YOU GET A MESSAGE THAT THIS PAGE CANNOT BE OPENED, don’t panic. It probably means the “copy” function did not pick up the whole address, which is longer than the window. Here’s what to do. To the left of your browser window should be a rectangle with a curved arrow in it. If you touch this symbol, you will see some choices. Choose “mail link to this page.”  When the message with the link on it shows up, be sure to copy the entire address, then paste it into the browser window as before. It should work now. We ran into this problem on some older iPads.

When the browser goes to that address, THEN you can hit the “download” button in the message. Name the file if you like, and download into your app. You can watch the file unload from within the “File Manager” menu. When it is finished downloading, touch the file to open. It will probably tell you that the file cannot be read. Touch the file name again and it should give you choices to “open with” Kindle (for mobi files)  or iBooks (for epub files) and maybe a few other choices. Choose whichever app you want to be reading from.

If you have more questions about using the idownloads app, please refer to the Tutorials in the Settings menu. We have tested this app once or twice to see how to use it, but we are not familiar with it and not able to answer questions about it.

Instructions for ebooks