Island Journey

This guided Meditation was inspired by a profound and healing visualization experienced while in meditation. The music on this CD will take you on a journey down through your body and mind to your deep subconscious and then using your imagination you will journey to an island where you will experience the peace and healing power offered by this meditation. All music is composed and arranged by Robert Hamaker with the exception of Prelude and Adagio which were composed by Edith Hamaker and arranged by Robert Hamaker. Hamaker says he used his interest and knowledge of the chakra energy systems as a guide to composing all the music for this CD. All the instruments used are from the percussion family whose hypnotic sounds lend themselves wonderfully to putting you in a meditative state and stimulating your imagination and energy centers. A diverse array of instruments were used including: Vibes, Marimba, Chimes, Glockenspiel, Crotales, Timpani , Gongs & Cymbals, Singing Bowls, Windchimes, and various drums, to list just a few. They are used to stimulate, intensify, and bring awareness to the energy centers in your body called Chakras. This is a very powerful healing modality, but knowledge of them is not necessary to enjoy and receive benefits from meditating with this CD. The narration, which leads and guides you along this journey, is designed to do this for you by helping you open your energy centers, choose an area to heal, and watch as the old energies are washed away and transformed. The words are written and performed by Deborah Fruchey,  a Bay Area poet and writer and author. The  entire project was conceived, designed, recorded, produced and mastered by Robert Hamaker. Recorded under the Label of:
Last Laugh Productions


                Robert Hamaker


Robert Hamaker lives in the San Francisco Bay Area and has been performing and teaching as a percussionist there for over 30 years. He received his Bachelors of Arts Degree in percussion performance in 1983 from California State University in Hayward.  With training and experience in both classical and contemporary music he has a unique expertise to bring to this project. Mr. Hamaker is currently Principal Percussionist with the Vallejo Symphony Orchestra, Golden Gate Park Band , and The Diablo Symphony who he acts as Concert Manager for also. He  plays for various theater groups around the Bay Area, and is a long standing member of Pacific Sticks Percussion Ensemble. He teaches at 3 private teaching studios in the Bay Area and at Los Medanos College.

Narrated by: Deborah Fruchey

Prelude & Adagio written by:
Edith Hamaker

2. Descent to the Sea 
3. Deep Seas of the Subconscious
4. Island Journey
5. Crystal Energy
6. Prelude: The Fountain
7. Adagio: Healing Waters
8. The Journey Home 
9. Seven: Grounding

           Length 62 MInutes

Special Thanks to :

Alan and Margaret McElroy, Jean Luo and  the entire staff at the
Margaret M Center for Intuitive Arts
for their inspiration and teachings.

Thanks also to my beautiful wife Deborah Fruchey for her invaluable help with this project and for believing in me.

This Project is dedicated                              in memory of my Loving Mother                              Edith  Louise Hamaker
                           Robert Hamaker

                                 Track Samples

   Desent to the Sea         Island Journey    Prelude: The Fountain

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